Hail Damage Can Be Costly

Thursday, April 10th 2008, 9:06 pm
By: News On 6

Recent hail storms dented cars all over Green Country. Owning one damaged vehicle is enough trouble, but imagine if you owned hundreds.  That's the plight of Brandon Murphy, the General Manager of Nelson Mazda.

"It's impossible to cover this many square feet of vehicles and so unfortunately there's no way to plan for something like this. Every time the weather says hail we pray it goes around us. They're flying a team of adjusters out to our store. When you're dealing with hundreds of damaged vehicles it's a big job," said Murphy.

Bad news for some means more business for others. Randy Judkins is so busy he's calling for help to drive dented cars from the Lincoln dealership to his paintless dent repair shop. When it hails, he says a number of things go through his mind.

"First, I think hooray, but then I think of all the work that's going to come. The aggravated people, I've had umpteen phone calls from people that have bought brand new cars that have hail on them now, so there are a lot of people that are upset. I don't really see that it's good for the economy, so to speak, but it's not good-any catastrophe is not good," said Judkins.

But it is something that Oklahomans often have to deal with. When you need repairs, here's some advice:

"Just get with your insurance company, do your homework on your shops, find out who's using local dent companies, and who warrantees their work, who does good work in your area and stick with them," said Matt Travis of Blue Sky Paintless Dent Repair.   "Beware of the people who show up in tents and promise you the moon, do your homework-price isn't everything in paint less dent repair."

By Margaret Stokes, NewsOn6.com anchor/reporter & Chris Howell, Video Journalist.  To see more of their stories, look in our Web Exclusives section.