Model A Returns To Its Post

Monday, April 7th 2008, 10:20 pm
By: News On 6

"It's been sitting out there for, oh, it's been 35 years it's been sitting out there. Somebody came flying down the road, lost control of their car, hit it and totaled it out," said Brad Clayton.

On February 5, 2007 the classic Model-A Ford displayed in front of Ranch Acres Car Care at 30th and Harvard in Tulsa was in a hit and run accident.

"Kind of shocked, you know, to see it sitting out there for that long and being the crumpled-up mess that it was is kind of shocking really," said Brad Clayton.

Brad Clayton's family owns the business and the damaged car.

"We had such an outpouring of people from the public that would come by and ask us about it and lots of people would come by and want to donate parts, even money to help us get it restored," said Brad Clayton.

The family never considered scrapping the vehicle.

"I was with my dad when he bought this car years and years ago, and it's become part of the family and it's kind of become sort of a part of Tulsa, also.  So, we had to fix it.  There was no way around it. The guy didn't have insurance or anything so it was a loss for us, but we got the car back and that's the important thing," said Brad Clayton.

"It's a good day, got good weather for it, a nice new paint job on it, looks better than it ever did really. It's back home.  I'm real proud, glad to have it out there," said Brad Clayton.

By Chris Howell, Video Journalist. Find more of his stories in our Web Exclusives section.