Accused Rapist To Stand Trial

Wednesday, April 2nd 2008, 5:42 pm
By: News On 6

A former Saint Francis nurse was in court on Wednesday afternoon, on charges he raped a patient last August in her hospital bed.  The woman gave emotional testimony.

News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports the woman said when she first saw her nurse, Olayinkka Osifeso, she was very glad because he'd been her nurse on two previous hospital visits and she thought he was good.  She even called him Yankee because his name was hard to pronounce.

However, she says those good feelings changed after she woke up and found him on top of her.

She testified she woke up out of a pain and sleep medication induced stupor to find Osifeso on top of her, raping her.  She says he jumped off, fumbled to pull up and tie his blue scrubs and she went to the nurse's station, demanding they call 911.

She says they told her she was hallucinating because of the drugs and it couldn't be true, however, she insisted on calling police.  She was taken by ambulance to Hillcrest for a rape exam, and then taken back to Saint Francis.

When she returned, Saint Francis doctors discharged her and sent her home.

Prosecutors claim they've found Osifeso's DNA on the victim's bedding.

Osifeso's attorney says claims you would expect any nurse's DNA to be in a patient's room, especially on the blankets and sheets.  He also points out the nurse's DNA was found nowhere on the victim.

Osifeso maintains his innocence and has the support of his wife, children and church.

The judge ruled there was enough evidence to order Osifeso to stand trial on a second degree rape charge, not the first degree charge he originally faced.

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