Osage Restaurant Stuffed Breast of Chicken With Jalapeno Cheese Grits

Wednesday, March 19th 2008, 3:08 pm
By: News On 6

Osage Restaurant Stuffed Breast of Chicken


1 boneless, skinless breast of chicken

4 oz of goat or cream cheese

1oz of pepperjack cheese

1 teaspoon of fresh sage-minced

¼ cup of fresh spinach

6 oz of chicken stock

4 oz of whole butter

3 oz of cooking oil-do Not use extra virgin olive oil...

Salt & Pepper

2 oz of dry white wine

White Truffle Oil-optional...


Combine & mix all ingredients by hand or in with a mixer.

Blot the breast of chicken with a paper towel to dry the outside and place flat on a cutting board.

Holding the breast in place with the flat of one hand, insert the blade of a knife 2/3 on the way into breast.

Start at one end and cut across, creating a cavity to place the stuffing. Stuff the breast with the prepared mixture, leaving approx. ½ inch clear to the edge to seal the cut. Salt & pepper the outside of the breast.

Sear the stuffed breast in a sauté pan in 3 oz of oil combined with 2 oz of the butter to prevent the butter from burning. When the meat is well browned, place the breast in a shallow baking dish with 6oz of chicken stock and bake in a 350 degree oven for approx 10 minutes.

When the chicken has cooked, transfer the chicken stock back into the heated sauté pan and deglaze the pan with 2oz of wine. When the sauce begins to boil turn off the heat & add the remaining butter, allowing the residual heat to reduce the sauce.

Plate the stuffed chicken breast over the jalapeno cheese grits and serve with the pan sauce and a few drops of white truffle oil over the top.

Serve hot with Osage Jalapeno Cheese Grits and your favorite vegetable

Recipe yields One serving

Osage Jalapeno Cheese Grits


6 oz of coarse ground corn meal or grits-do not use quick grits....

2 pints of heavy cream

12 oz of chicken broth

1/4 yellow onion-finely diced

2 oz of cream cheese

1 half jalapeno pepper-seeded & minced

1 ¼ cups of kernel corn

1 tsp of cooking oil-do not use extra virgin olive oil...

Salt & pepper


Saute the onion and jalapeno pepper in the cooking oil over medium heat. Add a light sprinkle of salt to sweat the onions. When the onions begin to become translucent transfer into a mediumm pot or saucepan and add the chicken broth, heavy cream and corn. Bring just to a boil and slowly add the grits while stirring with a wire whisk. Reduce the heat to low and cook until the grits are almost done, then add the cream cheese, folding it into the mixture until completely incorporated. Add salt & pepper to taste. Serve hot.

Recipe yields four servings