Taking Care Of Your Easter Bunny

Sunday, March 16th 2008, 4:01 pm
By: News On 6

Easter is just a week away. Many parents are scouring to find the perfect items to fill their children's Easter Basket. For some, what better gift to give a child on Easter morning than their very own Easter Bunny?

NewsOn6.com's Nicole Wiseman explains while they can make great pets, veterinarians urge you to avoid buying bunnies on an impulse.

Long, droopy ears, soft fur just begging to be pet, and a sweet little nose. Who could resist a bunny on Easter?

Love A Pet in Broken Arrow has more than a dozen bunnies looking for a good home. Some customers say having a bunny on Easter would be the greatest surprise in their Easter basket.

"That would be very cool. That would be very, very cool. That would be very neat. I would love that," said Sarah Speer of Glenpool, OK.

Others are already thinking of names.

"Probably like flopper or something," said Chelse Osburn of Broken Arrow.

While they're cute and cuddly and lots of fun, bunnies need lots of attention.

"Most people who get an animal for Easter haven't thought out the consequences of bringing into their home an animal that's going to live ten, maybe 15 years," said Veterinarian, Dr. Connie Wright. "That's a major commitment."

A commitment vets say is not to be taken lightly. Bunnies require special diets, a clean home, and they're social animals. So, they demand a lot of attention from their owner. Vets don't discourage you from getting a bunny, but suggest if you do make it part of your Easter plans, don't give your child all the responsibility of caring for it.

"If they are brought in and made a family pet then they will really do quite well and I would say increasingly more people are doing that," said Dr. Wright.

Chelse Osburn knows caring for a bunny is a big job and says she's ready for the challenge.

"They can't really do it themselves, so they need someone to go it for them," said Osburn.

"It needs love," said Speer. "Just like a human being; just like a parent needs to pay attention to its own child."

For more information on how to properly care for your pets visit Animal Aid of Tulsa's website.