Lost Wallet Returned By Good Samaritan

Saturday, March 8th 2008, 6:03 pm
By: News On 6

Strangers helping out strangers are typically far and few between.  But one Green Country man has 664 reasons to thank a perfect stranger.

The open road has been Jimmy White's office for more than 20 years, but Thursday the 72-year-old hit an expensive bump in the road.

"When I got back in my truck, I get to Tulsa I missed my bill fold," said White.

And more than $650 he had in it.  He never banked on finding it again and he probably never would have if it wasn't for one man.

"I see more money coming at me by the wind so I pick it up and a truck comes by blows it up in the air so I start jumping at it, trying to grab it cause I think it's gonna blow away. It blows on the other side of the highway so I jump over the concrete barrier following it and chasing more money people probably thought I was crazy cause I was running up and down the highway jumping," said Gary Larson.

Larson says he thought about keeping his newfound fortune. But then he and his wife found White's wallet.

"It was my lucky day when I found the money, but it was his lucky day when I found his ID," said Lawson.

The two met at Lawson's new restaurant in Eufaula for the exchange and a helping of hope.

"I've been out in the evil world for years trucking. You don't meet many people like him," said White.  "This man is gonna get his reward in heaven."

Lawson might have given the money back, but he's not exactly empty handed.

White promises to become a regular at his new friend's restaurant, Crawdaddy's.