Student Accused Of Planning Massacre

Friday, March 7th 2008, 6:06 pm
By: News On 6

There are new details in the case of a Claremore college student who has been charged with planning a massacre at Rogers State University.  Tywone Parks remains behind bars after his arrest last week. 

The News On 6's Ashli Sims reports police say the writing was literally on Tywone Park's wall.

There was a threat to decapitate a young woman.

Investigators say a closer look uncovered a plot to go on a shooting rampage at RSU.

Police believe Parks was planning to turn this campus into a crime scene.

The Rogers County district attorney filed charges against Tywone Parks, accusing him of plotting a massacre of at least eight RSU students.

Parks' attorney says his client has never been in trouble.

"Excellent student at Rogers State University. Completely clean background as far as I can tell someone without any prior record," said Jack Zanerhaft.

Police first interviewed Parks at his Claremore apartment, after his neighbor reported a decapitated dog's head was left on her doorstep.

It was during that interview that police say they saw handwriting on Parks' wall detailing specific threats to decapitate a young woman and put her head in the freezer.  A threat outlined in one of three protective orders against the 24-year-old.

Police seized several journals, Parks' computer equipment, and a DVD labeled Jeffery Dahmer.

"It sounds like these allegations deal with writings. And people write things for many reasons. John Grisham writes disturbing things and that's a best seller," said Zanerhaft.

While Park's friends insist he's a very social, popular student.  His MySpace page shows a darker side, including a picture of Parks with a machine gun.  And the story of a hit list and possible plot has many folks thinking about the recent school shootings at Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech.

"Sometimes we're hyper vigilant and sometimes we jump to conclusions. And that's why the Constitution protects us. That we're innocent until proven guilty," said Zanerhaft.

A Rogers State University spokesperson says the school did not know of any threats against students on campus at the time of Parks' arrest.  And that's why they didn't lock down the university.

Parks' bond has been set at $750,000.