Diesel Fuel Hits Record High

Friday, March 7th 2008, 5:46 pm
By: News On 6

We're hitting record territory for fuel prices. Pain at the pump is hard on everyone. The News On 6 gas gauge shows we're paying an average of $3.07 for a gallon of gas in Oklahoma, but the national average is $3.18.

It's even worse for diesel drivers. Diesel hit a record high nationwide today. Eventually, that impacts everyone.

Truck driver, James Gilbreth of Coweta, is watching to see how much it's going to cost him to fill up. He's already at more than $500 and it just keeps getting higher, and higher. Gilbreth says he has a woozy feeling in his stomach.

"I was feeling pretty good until I pulled in here to fill up," said James Gilbreth who is a truck driver.

Many truck drivers are experiencing the same feeling. It's the kind that doesn't get any better with antacid.

"It's going to impact everybody from the company owners, to the guys that just are owner operators who own their own trucks," said Rick Maples who is a truck driver.

The national average for diesel hit a record high at $3.73 a gallon. That's up more than $1.00 from this time last year, and almost 40 cents from a month ago.

"You really watch which loads you take. You've got to make sure the pay is half way decent," said Maples.

Rick Bickford with AAA says if they haven't already, trucking companies will add surcharges to help offset the high cost of fuel. And high diesel costs will also impact everyone through higher prices.

"All that is passed on to the retailers and wholesalers, who then pass it on to the consumers. So, the crippling effect may be in our purchasing power for the consumer across the nation," said AAA Spokesperson Rick Bickford.

Bickford predicts as the price of crude goes up, we'll see more price increases at the pump. That's not encouraging news for drivers like James Gilbreth, whose fuel total added up to $914 dollars. He still has that woozy feeling.

"Less profit we're going to make. We're not going to be able to make nothing. It's hurting. It's hurting real bad," said Gilbreth.

If it is any consolation, while diesel prices are high, the least expensive diesel is found in Oklahoma at $3.54 per gallon. That's still the highest price we've ever paid for diesel in Oklahoma.