How To Drive In Bad Weather

Monday, March 3rd 2008, 5:28 pm
By: News On 6

There are a few things to know about driving safely during winter weather. OHP troopers tell News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright the three important things required for safe driving in the snow.

You don't want to end up sliding off the road, into a guardrail or into another vehicle.  But, troopers see it all the time.

They say expecting dangerous conditions, is the first step toward avoiding trouble.  Knowing what to do once you start sliding, is next.

"You're driving down the highway; the vehicle begins to slide to the right, turn your vehicle, your wheel, into the direction of the skid, into the right. Let off the accelerator; do not slam on the brakes. The anti-lock braking systems work against you in the ice," said OHP Lt. George Brown.

Troopers say the one thing guaranteed to save lives while driving in hazardous conditions is to slow down.

They encourage people to go at least ten miles below the posted speed limit when it's slick outside.

The biggest mistake people make is immediately jumping out of their car after a crash.

"First instinct, jump out and assess damage, look at damage to car, check for injuries and they forget exactly where they are, in the roadway and this presents a very dangerous situation for drivers and others too," said Trooper Brown.

He says stay in your car and call for help.  Troopers say many people feel they have to leave their cars in place after a crash for the investigation, but, a relatively new law says, move them, so traffic can get by.

"If there are no injuries and no state property damage, you haven't hit a guardrail or damaged a sign, it is legal to move the vehicles in order to clear the roadway," said Trooper Brown.

If you are on a state highway and you run into trouble, you can call *55 on your cell phone and that will take you straight to a local OHP dispatch and they can send you help.