Familiar Crime Happens In Unfamiliar Place

Friday, February 29th 2008, 10:08 pm
By: News On 6

Small town Oklahoma is on alert.  Two gun-toting men forced their way into a young mother's home in Oologah.  She escaped the nightmare with her life, but has a warning for those who may have a false sense of security.

News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports it's the type of crime folks in Oologah say always happens somewhere else.  But what happened to one of their own is proof it can happen anywhere.

The unlikely victim says she'll make sure no one invades her home ever again.

Oologah's small size was a big attraction for the Major family.

"We wanted to get away. We were pregnant. We wanted to raise our son in a small town," said Jessica major.

But she says Wednesday night her sense of security was shattered when someone came to her home and forced their way in.

She says one of the men put her down to the ground and put a gun to her while the other one started searching her home.

"He went into the restroom, into the kitchen and he said we are not in the right house.  Just kept saying that and he finally got the man to believe that we weren't the same people in the house," said Major.

Police say the men had the wrong house, were probably looking for drugs, and Major is lucky to be alive.

"This could have been very tragic with the timing.  It kind of makes people around town wonder what would have happened if the husband walked in while they were still there," said Oologah Police Chief Novale Thompson.

Major says she still can't believe what happened, but through it all she was never alone.

"I had a sense that God was with me actually I stayed very calm.  I wasn't crying when they were here. I was just so thankful my baby wasn't here. I was scared," said Major.

As for the case, police say Major didn't see much so they have very little to go on.

Major says she and her husband are now investing in an alarm, buying a new door and her husband will no longer work nights.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oologah police at 443-2722.