A Friendly Wave Convinces A Man To Move To Tulsa

Thursday, February 21st 2008, 8:19 pm
By: News On 6

Why do people live where they do?  For some it's a job, for others maybe family.  The News On 6's Rick Wells talked to a man who moved to Tulsa from Colorado Springs, one of America's most beautiful cities, without a job or any family connection.   All because of something he learned playing baseball.

"People look out for one another here.  That's where I wanna raise my family," said Joe DeBerry.

A feeling he developed as a minor league baseball player. From talking to other players and from his own experiences playing in Tulsa as a member of the Wichita Wranglers in the Texas League.

"It makes you feel good to come into a town where people put their arms around you and tell you they like ya.  Hey, these are good restaurants here at this street you can find good catfish at this street, good BBQ at this street," said Joe DeBerry.

He played minor league ball for the Reds, the Yankees, and Kansas City as a member of the Wranglers.

When the baseball career was over, he moved back to his boyhood home in Colorado.  He got married and started a business, but home just wasn't home anymore.  He remembered something a friend told him.

"He said the way to tell a good community, get in your truck, drive down the road, put your hand on the steering wheel, and wave to people.  If they wave back, you've got a good community," said Joe DeBerry.

He says he actually did that, and folks waved back.

They sold the business in Colorado, packed up and moved to Oklahoma.  They bought a small farm and a business at 14th and Lewis.  They have never looked back.

"I told my wife when we moved, I am 100% confident and feel great about raising our family here," said Joe DeBerry.

Joe and his wife are expecting their first child in June.