Crews To Begin Second Pass Of Debris Removal

Monday, February 18th 2008, 1:12 pm
By: News On 6

Debris-hauling crews are finishing their first pass through Tulsa on Monday and will begin the second pass. SRS Inc. contractors say they will follow the same routes as they did during the first pass. As of Sunday evening, crews had removed about 43,000 truck and trailer loads of tree debris.

Some 10,000 to 11,000 cubic yards of mulch, the product of grinding tree limbs into wood chips, have been hauled from Johnson Park at 61st and Riverside Drive. One of the tub-grinders in use there will be moved this week to another temporary debris disposal site near Tulsa International Airport. Mulch grinding will continue at both sites and the chips are being hauled to rural land west of Sand Springs.

Loads of debris that have been removed total nearly two million cubic yards at a cost of $3.79 per cubic yard, for a total of $7.51 million. That total does not include the cost of grinding the debris into mulch or the cost of monitoring operations to ensure federal guidelines are being followed.

The Mayor's Action Center is getting calls from residents who believe their properties were skipped during the first pass. In many locations, debris could not be removed because of obstructions. Obstructions included vehicles, structures, electrical lines, or standing trees blocking access. The haulers and monitors are noting those sites and later efforts will be made to collect the missed debris.

If you think your property was missed when haulers worked on your street, report it to the Mayor's Action Center at 596-2100.