Oklahoma Picks McCain & Clinton

Tuesday, February 5th 2008, 10:51 pm
By: News On 6

Rain fell in 10 Super Tuesday states, including Oklahoma. Still, the state election board says Oklahoma posted a record turnout, with more than 600,000 voters statewide.

Most watched election results on television or online, however, some voters chose to attend Republican or Democratic watch parties.

While Oklahomans voted for individual candidates, Tuesday's election was really a duel for the state's delegates.  47 delegates were up for grabs on the Democratic side; 41 on the Republican side. 

Not all of those delegates necessarily go to the statewide winner. 23 of the Republican delegates will go to John McCain while 15 delegates will be divided based on who won in each of the state's five Congressional Districts.  Three Super Delegates, high party officials, can support whomever they choose.

For the Democrats, 13 of their 47 delegates will go to Hillary Clinton.  Twenty five delegates will be based on who won in each Congressional district.  The final nine are unpledged Super Delegates, including Governor Brad Henry, Congressman Dan Boren, and other party officials.

In Kansas, only the Democrats caucused Tuesday with 32 convention delegates up for grabs in the Sunflower State.  Kansas Republicans have their caucus on Saturday.