Tragic Circumstances Inspire Tulsa Artist

Sunday, January 27th 2008, 5:46 pm
By: News On 6

Jeannie Graham is a well-known artist from Tulsa, and a visit to her studio on South Cincinnati offers a glimpse into the motivation for her transition into an artist.

"The real impetus for my going into fine art was the death of my daughter. I had real trouble grieving, and I had no outlet. And the art has done that for me," said Graham.

After the death of her daughter at a young age, Graham of Tulsa found solace in oil painting. She is a very fond of the works of Robert Modigliani, but says she had to find a style of her own in becoming a true artist, but is now happy with her unique style.

"Well, I paint young women, and my daughter died when she was 20. So I think that if a therapist got a hold of that they would say I was holding onto her by painting the personalities that I miss," said Graham.

She finds inspiring women everywhere.

"If I'm out in a restaurant ant the waitress is cute or has an aura about her that appeals to me, I'll ask her if she will model," said Graham.  "When I'm at my easel and I have all my fresh paints squeezed out in front of me, I can let go. It has maintained my sanity. I can remember the good times and know that she's with me."

She says her art has helped her through the healing process.

"These paintings keep her in my heart, these paintings keep her reachable to me," said Graham.

You can more of Graham's work on her website or at the Color Connection Gallery.

By Chris Howell, Video Journalist