Former President In Wife's Comic Campaign Videos

Thursday, November 15th 2007, 5:45 pm
By: News On 6

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Get that man an Actors' Equity card. Bill Clinton is developing a side line as top performer on his wife's comic Web videos.

First was the Sopranos send up with the former president lamenting the lack of onion rings at the hometown diner. Now comes a video for young Iowa voters reassuring them that participating in the state's caucuses on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton on January 3 is simple.

It opens with Clinton huffing on a treadmill envisioning a double cheeseburger. Can you say typecasting?

The point? ``Exercising is hard,'' an announcer intones.

Cut to former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and his wife Christie, both Clinton backers, doing the twist. Again the announcer: ``Dancing is hard.''

Cut to Hillary Rodham Clinton's now famous off-key rendition of the ``The Star-Spangled Banner.'' Cue the announcer: ``Singing is hard.''

``Caucusing is easy.''

Two teens appear on screen to explain that any one of voting age by next year's general election can caucus. Others explain the simplicity of it all: Remember the date, find the proper precinct site, arrive on time, assemble in one corner and count off.

Caucusing, they all say, is easy.

Cut back to Bill Clinton. Not to give it away, but he proves that exercising is indeed hard.

The video is a direct appeal to young, potential caucus-goers, a voting bloc that Barack Obama's presidential campaign has been assiduously courting.

The Clinton campaign is showcasing the video for supporters Thursday evening at the Varsity Theatre in Des Moines as a preview to the Democratic presidential debate being broadcast from Nevada on CNN.