Response Filed In H.B. 1804 Suit And "Son Of House Bill 1804" Proposed

Friday, November 9th 2007, 6:21 am
By: News On 6

Attorneys for plaintiffs fighting Oklahoma's new immigration law are responding to a request to dismiss its challenge. Lawyers for the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Religious Leaders argue the defendants have resorted to assertions of legal conclusions. Several plaintiffs identified only as Jane and John Doe claim they have been damaged by House Bill 1804.

The new law requires local and law enforcement agencies to check the immigration status of anyone arrested. State agenices also have to verify citizenship before disbursing public benefits or funds.

There is word more immigration reform is in the works for Oklahoma. A state lawmaker is developing what he calls the ‘Son of House Bill 1804.’ The measure would make English the official state language and provide financial incentives to law enforcement that enforce the immigration law.

In addition, the proposal would reverse a policy that allows un-documented pregnant women state subsidized pre-natal care.

“We not talking about people being deprived of prenatal care in entirety we're talking about the tax payers not being on the hook at their expense. We're talking about one and three million additional dollars being used for this new and unconditional expansion of a welfare benefit for pregnant illegal alien mothers,” said State Rep. Randy Terrill, (R) Moore.

Doctors say it does not make economic sense to deny pre-natal care to those here illegally. They say the cost of successful pre-natal care, is only 1% of the cost of health care for a sick child.

The proposed bill would also give police the right to seize homes and vehicles used to house or transport illegal immigrants.

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