Wife Of Man Killed During Standoff Says Officers Did What They Had To Do

Tuesday, October 30th 2007, 5:17 pm
By: News On 6

There is new information about the man killed by Tulsa Police Monday night during a standoff. Timothy Casey's family says he struggled with alcoholism and bi-polar disease. They say he called his mother Monday to ask her forgiveness and tell her he loved her. Police say this case has all the hallmarks of suicide by cop. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports there was the Tim Casey who was the ex-con fighting demons in his life, but there was another side of him as well, the man who had a son and two young daughters, who had just gotten his welder's certification and who was going to church to try to find his way.

Monday night, Tim Casey showed up at the bar where his long-time girlfriend works, drunk on two pints of Vodka and angry she wouldn't serve him beer, said Jessica Williams, Casey’s girlfriend. He told her either she would die or he would, then left and returned with a gallon of gas that he poured on her car.

"He falls down a couple of times because he's pouring it and it's slick and he's covered in gas. I'm glad he couldn't find a lighter because if he had, he would've set himself on fire," Tim Casey’s girlfriend Jessica Williams said.

Casey left and two customers at the bar called police with his tag number. Officers arrived at Casey’s apartment and spent hours shouting over a bullhorn, shooting bean bags and tear gas balls at him, but he never once responded, police said. Three hours into the standoff police say Tim Casey came out of his apartment armed with a .50 caliber rifle with a scope on it and pointed it at officers. Police fired, killing Casey.

"A man comes out of his apartment knowing police were out there, pointed it directly at police in a menacing manner and for all indications in the next second, would be a trigger pull," Tulsa Police Sergeant Mike Huff said.

Jessica says they told police Casey had no black powder for the muzzle loader, but police say they can't take that chance.

Records show Casey was released from prison in May after charges stemming from a seven hour standoff in Wagoner where he fired arrows from a bow at deputies. He also has previous convictions for DUI and assaulting a police officer.

Those who know Casey say when he wasn't drinking, he was fun to be around. He learned to play the guitar and was a skilled welder.

"He's awesome, hilarious, and he and my sister joke and him and my brother are close and he and his mom are close," said Williams.

Jessica feels the police should have used some sort of non-lethal means to subdue Casey, but his wife believes officers did what they had to do. The News On 6 talked to Casey's wife, Leslie over the phone on Tuesday. She says police did what Casey made them do, she said she feels he never really got the help he needed with his bi-polar disorder and says his explosive behavior caused him many problems.

Police say their hearts go out to Casey's family, the officers who had to fire the shots and their families because situations like this affect many people.

Watch the video: Man Shot, Killed During Standoff Was Bi-Polar, Family Says

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