New Call Center Could Help Transform The Eastside

Tuesday, October 30th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

Coca-Cola Enterprises formally introduces a new call center in Tulsa. The call center, located on 21st Street near 145th East Avenue, currently has 105 employees, but will eventually hire a work force of 300 people. News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports Tulsa city leaders hope the Coca-Cola call center is just the beginning of a transformation of East Tulsa.

Coca-Cola spent $16 million to renovate part of the Eastland Metroplex, which is the new name for the old Eastland Mall. The company isn't just creating hundreds of new jobs at its new call center, it is also bringing excitement to East Tulsa.

"Just the fact that you are able to bring that kind of energy into the center, into the area, we hope that will be a start to a lot," Gerry Chauvin of Eastgate Metroplex said.

The company is the largest tenant so far at the Eastgate Metroplex.

"Eastland, or Eastgate now, is still alive and well, it's just coming back in a different life than it was before," Chauvin said.

Different because the old mall, which is undergoing a $50 million renovation, also has a new purpose or strategy, it will concentrate on providing office space first, and then services that serve the workforce and community.

"The whole development concept is to start off by bringing bodies back into the center," said Gerry Chauvin.

Eastgate Metroplex managers hope to eventually draw businesses like medical and dental services, higher education, a gym and a convenience store. Within a few years, it's expected that the new Eastgate Metroplex will be full of those types of businesses and will be a vibrant destination. It's also hoped it will have a huge impact on development in East Tulsa, because as the mall declined several retail businesses moved out of the area.

"If you bring four to five thousand people into an area of town that hasn't seen a lot of activity, in and of itself will be a catalyst we hope to a resurgence to the whole area," Chauvin said.

In addition to the Coca Cola call center, Eastgate Metroplex has a child care center and a bowling alley. A new coffee shop is moving in soon and a theater at the mall will reopen once major renovations are finished.

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