Picking The Perfect Pumpkin

Thursday, October 25th 2007, 10:48 am
By: News On 6

Pumpkins and fall are as natural as snow in the winter. But, as The News On 6’s Rick Wells reports, selecting the perfect pumpkin is not easy, especially when you're four.

One pumpkin patch is near 61st and South Lewis at Southern Hills Methodist Church. This is the 16th or 17 year for their pumpkin patch. In fact, Pastor Jeff Jaynes says it's almost become an identity for his church.

“People know us as the pumpkin patch church. They don't always know the name. Just the pumpkin patch church, and we're happy to do it,” said pastor Jeff Jaynes.

There are pumpkins everywhere. A trail cuts through the pumpkin patch. It leads to a storyland where kids can hear stories about pumpkins.

The pumpkins are grown by the Navajo in New Mexico. All the profits from the pumpkin patch go to the many Methodist missions in Tulsa and around the country.

Of course, it’s not just pumpkins. There are games and all kinds of fun, like the bean bag toss. But the big draw, of course, is the pumpkins.

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