Recovery Continues For Injured Reporter

Tuesday, October 23rd 2007, 5:12 pm
By: News On 6

At least one person remains hospitalized because of injuries sustained in a tent collapse at last week’s Oktoberfest. A woman remains in fair condition with a broken back and other internal injuries. She has already undergone two surgeries. The News On 6’s Emory Bryan reports another person who was injured went home from the hospital on Tuesday.

News On 6 reporter Steve Berg is home after spending the last 5 ½ days hospitalized with a head injury. Steve is going to be fine. He never saw what hit him, but other witnesses say it was one of the poles.

Steve Berg was rolled out of Saint Francis hospital, with his head shaved and bandaged, but with his good humor intact.

"So I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the recovery, of course the doctor from the beginning told me I would make a complete recovery and he seemed to know what he was talking about,” said injured News On 6 reporter Steve Berg.

Steve is one of the five people most seriously injured from the tent collapse at Oktoberfest. A severe storm lifted the tent, and the support poles hit many people as they were pulled through the crowd as the tent blew over.

One of those poles hit Steve on the left temple, fracturing his skull.

"I remember every second of it, I wish I could forget the part where I got hit, because that was very painful," said injured News on 6 reporter Steve Berg.

"Within seconds of us noticing the tent was flapping, the tent was coming towards us,” said sales manager John Trook.

Trook says the lights went out as the tent lifted, and in the darkness, with rain and hail falling, some of the injured were trampled by people running out while Steve was unconscious on the ground.

"As people rushed out, we were just trying to block the crowd, it was so dark people could have easily stepped on him without realizing he was there,” said sales manager John Trook.

More than 50 people went to hospitals and all but a few were treated and released.

News On 6 reporter Steve Berg had a craniotomy to control bleeding that was putting pressure on his brain, but says his doctors believe after a month at home, he should be well on the way to recovery.

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