Possession Obsessed Renter

Monday, October 8th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

Americans are passionate about collecting. Some collections are so extensive they could be called an obsession. Apartments.com is running a national contest for possession obsessed renters, and one of the finalists is from Tulsa. The News On 6’s Rick Wells reports, Kalvin Roberts' obsession with Halloween has resulted in a very creeped out crib.

The black cat hanging out behind the apartment building should have been warning enough.

"Some people might be scared of it, I think it's funny," possession obsessed finalist Kalvin Roberts said.

He's talking about this life sized cut out of Freddie Krueger, it used to be in the bedroom but his girlfriend made him move it, but no worries there's plenty of stuff left in the room.

Every room in Roberts’ apartment is loaded with Halloween stuff. He's obsessed with it.

“I became obsessed with Halloween when I was 5-years-old,” Roberts said. “It's just the most creative and imaginative day of the year."

His dog Bowzer's in on it too, he’s got a Captain Jack Sparrow costume, for trick-or-treating.

Everywhere you look, on every wall there is something, skulls and skeletons, posters, pictures and an Andy Warholish presentation of some movie monsters. Roberts says it's up year round, but what about Christmas?

“May put a tree up, but I'll put some spooky ornaments on it," said Roberts.

But it ain't Halloween!

Kalvin’s bathroom towels have spiders on them, he has a projector for his scary movies he swears blew up on a stormy Friday 13th and he lives next door to a funeral home.

“I am living next to a funeral home. I thought that was kind of funny," Kalvin Roberts said.

Yeah, funny, his favorite thing is his Halloween village, he likes the mausoleum best.

Roberts is entered in a contest on Apartments.com for renters whose possessions have become obsessions. If he wins the prize is $20,000, but then what?

"I'm taking the Transylvania Dracula tour,” said Roberts.

The Possession Obsession contest runs on-line through Friday October 19. If you'd like to vote and help a Tulsan win first prize, click here.

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