Oklahoma Daycares Operating Under New Rules

Monday, October 1st 2007, 5:19 pm
By: News On 6

New rules took effect on Monday for Oklahoma daycare providers. The changes were prompted in part by the death of 2-year-old Joshua Minton, who died at a Tulsa daycare center in May. The provider, Vicki Chiles, has been charged with his murder. The News On 6’s Steve Berg reports on the new regulations for all Oklahoma daycares.

There are two big changes to the rules that govern area daycares. DHS has expanded the number of people who can process emergency orders, so theoretically a problem daycare can be shutdown more quickly. Also, providers will now have to post any confirmed allegations in a prominent place at the daycare.

"It's a good step forward. There's still a lot to be done," said Atonda Minton, Joshua Minton’s aunt.

Joshua Minton's aunt, Atonda, is one of the people who lobbied to get changes made to the way Oklahoma's daycare centers are regulated, and she would like to see more changes. Minton thinks video cameras would be a good requirement, and says it could also prove helpful to daycares who are wrongly accused.

"It protects both parties, and I think our kids are worth it," Minton said.

Posting confirmed allegations is a good step she says, but allegations against Vicki Chiles were unconfirmed, so she'd like to see those posted too. Minton is happy though that DHS has expanded the number of workers who can process emergency orders.

"The fact that they're going to be able to close them quicker is just wonderful," Atonda Minton said.

Minton says she's pushing these change not just for Joshua, because she says he was not the only victim.

"You have to wonder what the children who were there when Joshua was killed, what kind of state of mind are they going to grow up with," said Minton.

Even though they're not posted, unconfirmed allegations are available to parents, but you have to make an appointment with DHS staff to see those. The unconfirmed allegations stay in the daycare's file for 120 days from the time the allegation is made.

Meanwhile, Vicki Chiles is set to go to trial on first-degree murder charges in February.

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