State Fair Underway

Thursday, September 27th 2007, 8:36 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa State Fair is in full swing, their slogan this year, ‘Let's party in honor of the state's 100th birthday.’ The News On 6’s Ashli Sims reports the fair food, rides, the bands, it’s all there, but there is one big thing missing. The gates had barely opened at the Tulsa State Fair and they were already lined up, handing over their money and heading for the midway.

"First day always here,” said fairgoer Tracy Drywater. “We stand out there and we wait for ya'll to come, and then we come hollerin’ in. And then we chow."

What's on the menu? Do we even have to ask?

"Everything that's fried. Once a year I eat fried food and it's here," Drywater said.

Corndogs, deep-fried fat balls, loaded spiral spuds, she's right, it's all here. But some folks couldn't help but think about what's not.

"Honk if you love Zingo," said one protestor.

A small group picketed on the edge of the fairgrounds Thursday. But protester Lynn Wiltshire says she's still planning to visit the midway.

“No, actually we will be going to the fair,” protestor Lynn Wiltshire said. “It's a family tradition and we're going to go, but we just thought we have a right to free speech and we have a right to say what we feel about the fair board."

"No, I'm missing it. It's terrible. It was a terrible thing that they did,” said Becky Vasquez, fairgoer. “I am sorely disappointed that they got rid of Bell’s."

Fair organizers say they spent $4 million on rides this year. They got off to a slow start, with a little last minute tinkering and inspections, but even without Bell’s there was plenty of rolling, spinning, and sky-high swinging fun.

"The Tulsa State fair is one of the biggest events of the year and we've worked hard this year to pack it full of fun-filled quality entertainment for the family," Tulsa State Fair spokesperson Amanda Blair said.

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