Oklahoma Leads The Country In Hybrid Sales

Saturday, September 22nd 2007, 4:58 pm
By: News On 6

The Sooner State, famous for its oil, is actually leading the nation this year in hybrid sales. According to a recent study, sales were up 143 percent in Oklahoma over the first seven months of 2007. News On 6 reporter Chris Wright reports we are buying the cars at a higher rate than anyone else in the country.

Salespeople at Don Carlton Honda say they see it every day. Tulsans are willing to turn in their SUVs for the more fuel-friendly Hybrids.

"What I've been noticing is we've been taking a lot of SUVs, a lot of big pick-up trucks and SUVs, people going from one extreme to another," says Mo Jbara of Don Carlton Honda.

It turns out plenty of Oklahomans have already made the switch.

According to an auto marketing company, from January to July, hyrbrid sales were up 49 percent nationwide when compared to the same period in 2006.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, sales jumped 143 percent to lead the nation.

Don Carlton says the hybrids are flying off the lot. The one Civic there on Saturday is the only one they have and it already has an owner.

"We average somewhere between 10 to 15 of them a month. But it just so happens that every single one of them we have coming in is already pre-spoken for," says Mo Jbara of Don Carlton Honda.

Mo Jbara believes most customers who decide to go with a hybrid are doing so as a result of high gas prices. But he also says some are making the switch because of concerns about the environment.

Casey Beardshear says he would love to buy a hybrid, but the price is holding him back.
The Civic on the lot will cost about 23 thousand dollars.

"If you guys want to kick down the extra five thousand, I'll get one today. What do you think?" asks customer Casey Beardshear.

Don Carlton says the hybrids are extremely popular with people in Green Country who have to endure commutes of 20 miles or more.

The Civic hybrid gets roughly 50 miles a gallon on highways.

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