R.O.M.E.O. - Retired Old Men Eating Out

Friday, September 21st 2007, 6:00 pm
By: News On 6

Breakfast is a great time for good friends to spend some quality time together. On Friday The News On 6’s Rick Wells got to spend some quality time at breakfast with the Romeo Club. Wells reports a great day starts with a good breakfast.

The sun's just coming up and the Romeo Club is on the way to breakfast. It's a group of guys from the Broadmoor Retirement Community. They hop on the bus early and head for breakfast. This month they're at the Cracker Barrel.

"We go out once a month to a different place for breakfast," said Marvin McKissick, Romeo Club member.

McKissick says he can't remember when this tradition started, at least four or five years, he thinks.

They've named the group the Romeo Club, which stands for Retired Old Men Eatin' Out. When folks ask them what they talk about at their monthly breakfasts the answer's pretty simple.

"We tell 'em women, politics and football," Romeo Club member Frank Hunt said.

Not necessarily in that order perhaps, but mostly the monthly get together is about breakfast. The guys say they've talked about and solved the world's problems several times over, but it hasn't done any good because nobody's listening.

"It's just old guys eatin' out," said Hunt.

There were seven guys at Friday morning’s outing, the number usually fluxuates from seven to ten. Members say they don't know where they're headed next month, they haven't decided yet.

The women at the Broadmoor have apparently gotten a little jealous. They've started their own breakfast group, the Rodeo Club, or Retired Old Dames Eating Out.

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