Nine Year Old Selects Store Products

Thursday, September 20th 2007, 5:26 pm
By: News On 6

If nine years old seems too young to be a buyer for a store, think again. What better way to attract young buyers to a gift shop than to have one of those young buyers select the gifts? News On 6 reporter Rick Wells reports that Nielson's in the Plaza at 81st and Lewis has a special department called Faye's Fun Finds. Faye is the buyer and she's nine years old.

Nielsen's features beautiful gifts with names like Waterford, Lalique Lladro and a special department in the back called Faye's Fun Finds. Faye is a fourth grader.

The first thing Faye wanted to show Rick was a collection of nite lites. She likes the reindeer bubble lite best.

"Will the bubbles go?" Rick Wells asks.

"When it get hots enough -when it get's hot enough," says Faye Nielson Bartlett.

Faye enjoys finding all kinds of items. One product she showed Rick was like little saucers to put wet tea bags in. There are all plenty of other kinds of small gifts that she has found such as little boxes and knick knacks.

"She gravitates to things and says I think people would really like to buy this for their grandmother," says Andrea Nielson Bartlett.

Or maybe a teacher gift. Andrea says her daughter had a special section of her own when she was little. And little sister Annika also showed Rick Wells the collection of Webkins she selected for the store.

They have books and dolls and cards and all kinds of stuff. Annika likes a special Mother Goose piece because she knows the rhyme.

"Diddle diddle the cat n the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to se such sport and the dish ran away with the spoon," Annika tells Rick.

"Very good that was excellent," Rick Wells tells her.

Nielson's is in the Plaza at 81st and Lewis. It is open 6 days a week.
Faye, however, is not there all the time. She's in school.

Watch the video: Nine Year Old Selects Products For Store