Norman The Zebra Escapes, Surprises Neighbors

Monday, September 17th 2007, 9:43 pm
By: News On 6

An exotic pet is back at home after running wild last week. A Green Country woman's zebra strayed from her property, and as you can imagine, startled some neighbors. The News On 6’s Chris Wright reports on Norman’s great escape.

"Most people they don't believe it. They're like we got a zebra, no! Yeah, there is a zebra," said Norman’s handler Steve Elsey.

And now everyone knows about Norman, or Normie as he likes to be called, after his adventure last week. Normie is owned by Amy Saxon of Muskogee. Saxon also owns a lake home near Fort Gibson, and often takes Normie with her on trips there. Last Tuesday, her pet zebra managed to escape, and walk three miles before surprising a homeowner in her driveway.

"I imagine they enjoyed it, how often do you get to see something like this?" Elsey said

Normie was eventually corralled and taken back to his stable in Muskogee. He usually has free reign, but his handlers say after last week's incident, they'll keep a little closer eye on him.

"He's ornery,” Elsey said. “He will mess with you, he'll just harass you sometimes, you know, not in a mean way, he'll just kind of tease you know."

Steve says Normie's been ornery ever since Saxon bought him three years ago. He lives next to her Arabian horses, who were a little confused when he first arrived, but now they don't seem to mind him. Normie definitely rules the roost though, and his handlers admit the zebra is a little spoiled.

"He's nosey, as you can tell," Elsey said.

Basically, whatever Normie wants, Normie gets. So they don't think his recent adventure will change him at all.

"He'll probably stay the same way he is, he is a brat man, he is a brat," said Elsey.

While Normie doesn't always behave, this was his first escape attempt, and those who care for him still aren't sure what caused him to make a break for it.

If you're interested in getting a pet zebra, it's not cheap. Normie cost about $10,000.

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