Heavy Rains Bring Flash Flooding Back To Green Country

Saturday, September 8th 2007, 7:28 pm
By: News On 6

Storm drains couldn't handle so much rain at once, and creeks filled up fast, dangerous flooding swept through Green Country Friday night. Mohawk Park and the Tulsa Zoo were closed all day Saturday due to flooding, and The News On 6’s Joshua Brakhage reports the high water was also enough to stop drivers in their tracks.

At 5500 E. 15th Tulsa police had to help a motorist out of floodwaters, pushing many stranded drivers out of danger. Some motorists tried to take it slow, but others' confidence got the better of them. When drivers spotted the high water on 36th Street North, some headed for high ground and went around. Others went around a stalled car in the middle of the street and took their chances. It's a gamble one driver lost at 11th and Sheridan in Tulsa.

"I was driving along fine and all of a sudden, I was stranded,” motorist Curtis Giboney said. “Water started coming in, I just had to stop and push it out."

Curtis Giboney said the water came up as high as his windows.

Over at 11th and Yale, Tally Alame is only worried about a few inches of water, but says it caused major damage at his restaurant.

"There was no escape, every storage room I have is full of water,” café owner Tally Alame said. “Lot of stuff, we're gonna have to throw it away. It's a disaster, put it this way, we'll just try to do the best we can. Definitely, I've never seen it like this. This is a lot of water."

Residents at the nearby Melrose Apartments, located at 11th and Sheridan, say they can't remember this kind of flooding either. They say first floor apartments are ruined, but they're worried what's in the water with them.

"Hope there's no snake out here," said one Melrose Apartments resident.

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch through Saturday night for northeastern, central and southwestern sections of the state.

Watch the video: Flooding Leaves Motorists Stranded And Homes Damaged