Teen Arrested After Gun Is Found In His School Locker

Thursday, September 6th 2007, 11:11 am
By: News On 6

Two Will Rogers High School students face more than detention after police found a loaded gun in a locker. News On 6 anchor Omar Villafranca reports a witness tipped off police after seeing the boys shooting the gun near school.

On Thursday, a few hours after classes started at Rogers High the school went on lockdown.

"Well we didn't know what we were on lockdown for,” said student Jo Rickner. “We just thought it was a drill or something."

But this was no drill. Thursday morning a witness saw several boys in a car shoot a gun at an abandoned house. The witness followed the boys into Will Rogers High’s parking lot, where they went to school.

With the help of school surveillance video investigators found the boys involved, and police found a loaded gun in a locker.

"He was forthcoming with information, realized he made a bad choice this morning and, we don't believe there was any threat toward school officials or any students,” Tulsa Police Officer Jason Willingham said. “We believe this is a situation where he made the wrong choice."

While police talked to the suspects Principal Kevin Burr says students were locked in their classrooms until it was safe. Parents didn't find out what happened until after school.

"It scares me,” said parent Brenda Rickner. “It's ridiculous! Schools aren't safe anymore. They're not able to keep my children safe evidently if they're bringing guns to school. It's like that college thing they just had, you know, that could happen anywhere."

"That's a serious fact. Some kid could have really got hurt, really, really bad," said another parent.

"Parents need to know we did everything to keep their kids safe and everything was done so that their kids were safe," Will Rogers High School Principal Kevin Burr said.

Principal Burr says he went to every classroom after things calmed down and explained to students what happened.

One of the two boys faces a felony charge of possession of a gun on school property. Both juveniles face misdemeanor wreckless handling of a firearm charge.