Thank You Goodnight! Rocklahoma Wraps Up

Sunday, July 15th 2007, 9:55 pm
By: News On 6

Four days of rock-n-roll comes to an end Sunday night in Pryor. Tens of thousands of people from across the country, and the globe, have been partying near Pryor since Thursday. The News On 6’s Chris Wright was at the final day of Rocklahoma. He reports the final band of the festival, Twisted Sister, will give the thousands of fans one final chance to bang their heads.

The heat and the humidity may have done a number on all the big hair on display at Rocklahoma, but fans did their best to take it in stride.

"We're having a wonderful time, the temperature is not that high, it's really not that bad," said rock fan Carl Rosamane.

Tell that to the fans who traveled all the way from England. They say the U.K. is a little cooler.

"They say it's quite cool here at night, but we're used to about 70, 75, so it's warm for us," Rocklahoma fan John Gilbert said. "But we can handle it."

Many glam band fans shared that attitude, saying temps in the mid-90s didn't put a damper on a show they've been waiting for since the mid-80s. Others at the show have bigger problems than the heat; Loyd Munson’s Miami home was destroyed by the recent flooding.

"Lost everything, water's seven feet high and the town's condemning the house, but you know what, this, I forgot all about it being here," fan Loyd Munson said.

Others tried to forget about the heat in the merchandise tent. Organizers say the success of Rocklahoma has spurred sales, and the more popular shirts have already sold out.

"Throughout the whole festival everybody has been buying a lot of stuff," said vendor Patrick Becksma. "It's getting to the end of the day and we're running out of stuff, which is a good thing."

T-shirts can still be purchased online. Some fans say they will also be logging on to buy tickets for next year.

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