Constant Rain Slows Business At Area Lakes

Wednesday, June 27th 2007, 10:03 am
By: News On 6

The rainy weather is really putting a damper on summer fun at area lakes. Rain and high lake levels are keeping many summer tourists away from the water. That's not good for lake businesses that depend on big crowds to stay above water. News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports they say so far, the summer season is a washout.

“We've got some picnic benches, and there's actually some shrubs underwater right here," said Whitehorn Cove Marina owner Matt Taylor.

Matt and Brittany Taylor became the new owners of Whitehorn Cove Marina at Fort Gibson Lake just a couple of months ago. So far, the summer season hasn't started off the way they had hoped.

"We've been dealing with this since we got here, so we don't know any other way of lake life other than this at this point,” Matt Taylor said.

Business is slow because the lake level is up 11 feet, and rain just about every single day isn't helping matters.

"We've had seven days maybe of sunshine, and on those days people are out and on the water, and other than that it's hard. It's hard," Brittany Taylor said.

The marina's parking area is underwater. Access to boats is limited, and with so much rain, people are just not getting out and enjoying the lake as they normally would.

"We watch the weather at night and it says 50, 70, 80, 90% chance of rain and just hope to God it's not raining when you wake up,” said Matt Taylor said.

With the combination of the lake level way above normal and the constant rain, the marina estimates their business is down 40%. It's the same at many lake area businesses in Green Country.

The summer season generates most of the year's income for those businesses. For now, the Taylors will watch and wait and hope for sunny days in the forecast.

"I pray and pray that the rain will go away, and it doesn't,” said Brittany Taylor. “We can just hope for the best and encourage people to still come out and have a good time when they can."

The marina hopes there will be a big crowd for a fireworks display at Whitehorn Cove. It will be held Saturday, June 30th.

The marina owners also hope large crowds for the 4th of July will help to salvage their summer season.

For more information about the Whitehorn Cove Marina, click here.

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