Thieves Take And Others Give Back

Tuesday, December 25th 2007, 5:35 pm
By: News On 6

The Christmas spirit is alive and well for one north Tulsa family. On Friday, The News On 6 reported that thieves had stolen $500 worth of Christmas presents from under the tree of a mother of seven. The News On 6’s Dan Bewley reports the story touched many who then stepped up and saved Christmas for the family.

In some ways, it’s her very own Christmas story, complete with wrapping paper and bows.

”I just can't. This is really hard, I can't do this right now,” said Angela Stewart.

A glance to her tree and the words are impossible to find when Angela Stewart thinks of the difference a day makes. Where the family’s tree was void of gifts, Angela, her husband, and children now have many presents.

A kid-size drill. A heavy duty 4x4. And, to keep it organized is Clifford the Big Red Dog. It’s a far cry from Monday when the tree was bare after thieves broke through the back door of the Stewart home and stole all of their presents. On Monday, Angela Stewart was angry.

“Shouldn't be taking from other people. I worked so hard, I worked hard,” she said of the thieves who took their gifts.

But, on Christmas, thanks to people like the Workmans, the Stewart Family felt more warmth than anger.

“It just touched our hearts. So we sent an e-mail saying we had an extra ham,” said Steve and Kathleen Workman who wanted to help the family.

“The good is overriding the bad that happened and it's beautiful,” said Angela Stewart.

Stewart says she's received more presents and money than what was stolen. So, she plans to use the extra to buy gifts for some of her neighbors and family members who are also in need.

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