Some Neighborhoods Still Waiting For Power

Thursday, December 13th 2007, 9:00 pm
By: News On 6

A number of neighborhoods in north Tulsa were the first to lose power and they're still in the dark. One of the hardest hit areas is near 56th Street North. News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports many utility poles and power lines lie in a tangled and mangled mess. Indications are it could be another two weeks before crews are able to sort everything out.

An army of Utility workers deployed to far north Tulsa have quite the battle on their hands.

“I ain't never seen it this bad. I've been in a couple of ice storms and snow storms, but this right here. You go down the street and it looks like a bomb just blew up everywhere,” said Michael Wise who lives in the area.

It's day five for people who live around 56th Street North and many of them are dealing with power lines in their front yard. One home has a generator, but the people next door aren’t so lucky. They actually have nine people stuck inside their home. They say they have nowhere to go and they’re frustrated.

“It's mother nature. It's gonna happen. I know everybody is frustrated, but they just gotta get to certain areas and then they'll get to our area. We just got to live with it,” said Michael Wise of north Tulsa.

But, for some people, the trees limbs on top of homes, power poles plunging into yards, and utility lines crisscrossing their walkway are too much to bear.

After roughing it for nearly a week, Jim Vinson and his wife, Dorothy, sought shelter at a relative’s house.

“We have never had this experience before and we were hoping and trusting it was going to be a day. A day turned into two. Two turned into three, and we know that everybody was having the same problems,” said Jim Vinson.

But, like many of his neighbors, Jim is hoping these crews will have the solution.

Crews will be out again on Friday. The News On 6 has been told the process could take up to two more weeks.

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