Police Make One Boy's Wish Come True

Tuesday, December 4th 2007, 10:25 pm
By: News On 6

A little boy got a big surprise on Tuesday. The News On 6’s Emory Bryan reports Tulsa police surprised him with a Christmas gift he has always wanted. Most children make a list of what they want under the tree, one little boy had a short list. He just wanted a tree, with decorations and lights, just like the ones he had seen.

Six-year-old Malachi Williams walked into his apartment and turned right around and left. He was surprised that cameras and Tulsa police officers were there, but his greatest surprise was in the corner, a simple Christmas tree by most standards, but special because this is the first one this family has ever had.

Tulsa Police officers thought of Robin Williams because she had been the victim of a crime. She had no money to do anything for her son.

“I need some help Mama. This feels good, this feels good, we have a Christmas tree, baby it's Christmas and the present isn't under the tree,” said a crying Robin Williams.

A group of officers collected the money for the tree and decorations and they're working on the presents.

"Helping this family this way will free up some resources that maybe they can free up their situation some," said Tulsa Police Officer Jason Willingham.

Malachi got to decorate the tree with candy canes and garland. While an officer had to work to get the star to stay on top, Robin spent a lot of time crying over the moment.

Robin says Malachi didn't let on just how surprised, or happy, he really was, but he was eager to take pictures of the people who made it possible and wanted to work on every inch of the tree.

His mother says for now it doesn't matter that there are no presents.

"And it's not about the presents, the biggest thing, I like is the Christmas tree, have the Christmas tree in the house, so my baby can see a Christmas tree, he's seen one, but not in his house," said Robin Williams.

For one little boy and one family, a tree made all the difference this Christmas.

The officer who really worked on the project didn't want any of the credit, she said it was all about Malachi and making sure he had something at Christmas. The police are working on presents which they'll deliver in two weeks.

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