At-Risk Kids Connect With PC Power

Saturday, December 1st 2007, 5:43 pm
By: News On 6

Some at-risk kids will receive a much needed present under their trees this Christmas. Tulsa police and PC Power spent Saturday morning collecting personal computers that will be donated to needy families. The News on 6’s Chris Wright reports that PC Power hopes to hand out 85 refurbished computers to children in the Tulsa area this year – a gift that can go a long way.

Residents dropped off about 35 computers Saturday at the Citiplex Towers near 81st Street and Lewis in south Tulsa. The computers were then hauled up to the PC Power workshop. Founder Glen DeWeese and his team of technicians work year round on refurbishing computers for the underprivileged.

During the holidays, they focus on their North Pole Project. The Tulsa police department teams with PC Power, and with the help of local school districts, select the families most deserving of a free computer.

"The amount of computer work that the kids do in school, and outside of school, it's so extensive, it goes from being a luxury to almost being a necessity," said Captain Karen Ford of the Tulsa Police Department.

"This is the best time of year,” said Glen DeWeese of PC Power. “We save up the best computers all year for these, so these are some really special computers."

It’s not too late to help out with the project. PC Power is still accepting cash donations. Police will deliver the computers to families on December 21.

Captain Karen Ford says she looks forward to playing Santa.

"And just knowing that there are going to be happy faces at the end of that delivery when the officers bring them to that family," Captain Karen Ford said.

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