Animal Shelter Will Open Soon

Monday, November 26th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

Lost and abandoned animals in Collinsville are about to have some new digs. A non-profit group has been raising money for three years and soon they will open a new shelter. The News On 6’s Rick Wells reports it will be a 'no kill shelter,' so the abandoned animals will have plenty of time to find a new home.

With St. Francis watching from the patio, three abandoned dogs play in Susan Babbitt's backyard in Collinsville. Susan has three at her house, two more fostered in a friend’s back yard and eight cats somewhere else. They are all waiting completion of the new shelter facility.

“It's like a dream with walls. We don't have anywhere to put animals here, especially not a no-kill shelter,” said Susan Babbitt of Collinsville.

So, with the help of the City of Collinsville, they formed a non-profit group called FOCAS: Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter. They had planned a December opening but now it looks like January.

“I've been at this a long time and so one more month won't make any difference to me,” said Susan Babbitt of Collinsville.

She says she's sold almost every part of the facility rooms which will be named after contributors. Outside there's a huge grassy exercise area with an irrigation system paid for by a contributor.

“I'd love to have a separate building for the cats,” added Susan Babbitt of Collinsville.

A cat house, if you'll pardon the expression, might come if they ever expand. What they will have very soon is first class facility for abandoned and abused animals. It will be a place where they can get their chins scratched and wait as long as they need to find a new home.

The Collinsville Shelter, located just north of downtown on 5th Street, will have room for 14 dogs and at least that many cats. It will also feature a spaying and neutering clinic.

Watch the video: New Animal Shelter To Open In Collinsville