City Going After Litter On A Stick

Sunday, November 25th 2007, 4:46 pm
By: News On 6

The City of Sand Springs wants to make driving through town a little more appealing to the eye. They say what they call "litter on a stick" has to go. The News On 6’s Dan Bewley reports they're talking about homemade signs posted on street corners. Sand Springs plans to rid intersections of those signs.

The city spends around $12,000 a year cleaning up and disposing of the signs. Now, the city has an ordinance making those signs illegal. Some of the signs in question were found at the intersection of West 41st Street and 113th West Avenue. They advertise everything from a garage sale to birds for sale, and even office furniture.

These signs are all, what's called, off-site signs meaning they’re advertisements for things that are not located at the same intersection.

The city says residents have complained the signs are an eye-sore, but the biggest worry, according to the city manager, is the signs pose a safety hazard for drivers trying to read them.

The city says repeat violators of the new ordinance could face a day in court that could include a $200 fine for each sign.

“Really what we're after is to make people aware of the law, most people will be mindful of that. We're not trying to penalize anyone but we're trying to create a more attractive community,” said Sand Springs City Manager Doug Enevoldsen.

Enevoldsen says the city is looking at putting up kiosks around town to give residents a place to hang their signs. The ordinance does not address political signs. There's already one on the books for that.

Watch the video: City Ready To Rid Itself Of Off-Site Signs