Computers for students

Sunday, September 19th 2004, 3:26 pm
By: News On 6

Cables, wires, plugs it's all new to Kimberly Yuman. Two weeks ago, she had no idea she would be helping her son, Feliciano, install a computer. But they're learning, because this one is going home with them free of charge.

Feliciano Yuman, Sixth Grader: "It's really good//because you don't have to go spend money for a new one." Kimberly Yuman, Mom: "because it's hard to believe somebody would be giving computers away but it's good that somebody is." P-C Power is the organization behind the gift. Volunteers have taken old computers, made them like new and now they're giving them away to Cleveland students. Glen DeWeese started P-C Power to help level the playing field for those who are less fortunate. He picked Cleveland because its students continue to struggle with low test scores. Glen DeWeese, PC Power Founder: "Its not that they can't learn or the teachers can't teach or the parents don't care. A lot of it is they just don't have some of the advantages and this is one way we thought we could give 'em an advantage and the community can get involved." 125 Cleveland students will take these computers home. And P-C Power is also trying to get them all on-line. The whole point is for them to read. Yuman says that's exactly why she wanted her son to participate. Kimberly Yuman, Mom: "This is one of the reasons why I did want to get the computer because I think it'll help make em better readers plus in the future they can get a job." Yuman has high hopes for her boys. And she hopes bringing this computer home will help them reach those goals.