A new horse show at Tulsa's Expo Square

Thursday, August 19th 2004, 10:35 am
By: News On 6

There's another new horse show this week out at Tulsa County’s Expo Square. It's the Jim Glover Chevrolet Reining Classic.

Reining horse events are relatively new as horse competitions go. The News on 6's Rick Wells visited Expo Square to find out more. Don’t know about reining horses, Dell Hendricks is Vice president of the national association. "Whoever can spin the fastest, run the hardest in circles and slide the farthest."

Of course there's more to it than that, but the horse and rider skills date back to ranch horses and cowboys, and wanting to show how good and agile your horse was. So they spin them and they ride in circles and they run them hard and slide for distance, while all the judges are adding or deducting points. "Your ultimate goal is to be able to get that horse to do any of these maneuvers without looking like you're asking em to do it."

The non pro riders compete for fun and prizes like those big dinner plate sized belt buckles. Jackie Redish is from Whitesboro, Texas, she's been at this about eight years. She decided after her kids grew up it was time to have some fun and this is it. Experts tell us it takes about 2 years of training to make a descent reining horse, after that it's work and practice. "We'll go back and work on some of the things we didn't do well and go on to the next show and see if we can improve."

The big show for the public is Saturday night. They tell the News on 6, we'll see the top reining horse in the competition. That's when the big money is given away, lots of fun events for the whole family.

That big Arabian Horse show the folks out at Expo Square have been angling for, an announcement on that is coming soon and Rick Wells thinks it's good news..