Keeping those pesky flies away from your picnic table

Monday, July 12th 2004, 10:26 am
By: News On 6

So you've tried fly swatters, fly traps, even fly paper and the flies still won't shoo. News on 6 reporter Rick Wells says why not try the newest shoo fly fad, plastic bags full of water.

He's found some folks who swear by them. Nothing will ruin a backyard cookout faster than un-wanted guests, like flies. Often the products designed to get rid of them are as bad as the flies, but a tried and true technique is making a comeback, plastic bags filled with water. Apparently the flies mistake them for hornet’s nests or the reflection frightens them.

Sue Gray of the OSU Extension Service says whatever the reason, the bags work. “It sure works to keep them out of houses. It's not 100% but it's sure better than swatting them all day long with a fly swatter."

She recommends freezer bags because they hold their shape better. Put them out on the table before the food comes out, fill them about a third full, tie the top with a string and use them anywhere there will be food.