A shocking case of animal abuse in Tulsa

Monday, June 28th 2004, 5:31 pm
By: News On 6

Authorities are looking for suspects in the torture and killing of dogs living in an abandoned north Tulsa house.

The two surviving dogs were brought to the SPCA early Monday morning. Both are expected to recover. But shelter officials could do nothing for six puppies that were found dead with fireworks in their mouths and their mouths partially blown off.

The mother of the puppies escaped physical injury, but is clearly traumatized by having her litter killed. Volunteers say she's been searching for the pups since she was brought in.

The other abuse victim, a 4-month old lab mix is suffering from severe burns. Authorities believe she was deliberately set on fire.

Laurie Mayes with Tulsa SPCA: "Why is only in the mind of the person who does it. We know that people that willingly abuse animals that they are also very likely to abuse humans, at least at some point in their lives."

Mayes says animal abuse is a felony and Tulsa Police are investigating. After their recovery time, both dogs will be put up for adoption.