Law enforcement cracking down on the sale of alchol to minors

Thursday, December 11th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It's a simple phrase, "Can I see some ID?" But for retail workers, it could mean the difference between keeping your job and jail.

As part of Project 21, officers from across the state went to Oklahoma City to train in a crackdown on the sale of alcohol to minors. Undercover teens using their real ID's tried to buy at several stores.

Several clerks checked their ID's and denied the sale. A few clerks didn't. Lucky for them, police were in a "giving" mood. Tulsa Police officer Craig Murray: "Tonight's a freebie. Tomorrow night may not be, it may be citation or it could be they put the handcuffs on and they go to jail because it may be felony."

Police say on some nights up to 50% of stores with alcohol will sale to underage drinkers.

You can help in the crackdown. To report underage drinking or the sale of alcohol to minors call 1-866-STOP-U21.