Search for murder suspect Scott Eizember continues

Friday, November 21st 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

An accused murderer continues to elude Oklahoma law enforcement, now five weeks after the murders that stunned a Creek County town.

Scott Eizember is wanted for allegedly killing AJ and Patsy Cantrell of Depew, critically injuring a 16 year-old boy and beating his grandmother. News on 6 anchor Tami Marler has the latest.

Kathy Biggs, Scott Eizember's Ex-girlfriend: "I know that it's just a game to him now, you know, and he is very smart and he apparently does have some survival skills." Scott Eizember's ex-girlfriend probably knows him better than anyone in Oklahoma. Kathy Biggs is also the object of his alleged killing spree.

But investigators have also learned a lot about the 42 year-old Michigan man, who they say rode into Bristow on a bicycle, claiming to be collecting donations for the victims of 9/11. "He is certainly got himself in shape by riding a lot." Mike O'Keefe says that may be part of the reason Eizember was able to elude hundreds of lawmen in the woods outside of Bristow.

But "roughing it" is not all he's good at. O'Keefe says Eizember has a cross-country bicycle. It was donated by a church he reportedly conned. "He's a very good conman, and can be very charming; however, he is very lethal."

In the two weeks since the manhunt ended, law enforcement agencies have collectively followed up hundreds of Eizember sightings. Some pretty far-fetched. "We've had plenty of calls, for instance we had one person who saw him on 'Walker, Texas Ranger' television program."

Mike O'Keefe says he believes Eizember is still in this area, because there's no evidence to indicate otherwise, unless someone helped him. "The fact that John Inman has disappeared. Obviously that makes us curious and we want to talk to him about what his reasons are for leaving."

John Inman told the News on 6 he picked up Eizember, armed and bloody, shortly after Patsy and AJ Cantrell were murdered. "Eizember is an extremely dangerous individual and we believe that he may kill again."

O'Keefe says they're coordinating with law enforcement in Michigan, Florida and New Mexico, where Eizember reportedly had previous scrapes with the law. He says "federal" authorities may also get involved in finding John Inman.