Closure of Tulsa's 'trash to energy' plant could impact residents

Friday, September 26th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The closure of Tulsa’s ‘trash to energy’ plant could mean a difference for trash rates - but not anytime soon.

The ‘trash to energy’ plant has some environmental benefits, but it's been a money pit since it opened. The plant burns Tulsa's trash - and generates energy, which is sold to nearby industries. But the value of the energy doesn't cover the cost of running the plant.

That's why it would be cheaper to put the trash in a landfill - a saving that could be passed on to trash customers - if the plant closed down. The city planned to drop out of the trash plant business in 2007 regardless.

The only hitch is that the city is on the hook for $32 million dollars spent to build the plant - so in the short term - they're hoping the plant can re-open so the city can get some of it's money out of it.