Tulsa Police looking for several rape suspects

Wednesday, September 24th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa sex crimes detectives are in a race against time. They are looking for a man who raped a woman inside her home, with her young daughter just feet away.

They fear he has the potential to become a serial rapist so they want to find him before he strikes again. News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright says the attack happened in a neighborhood near 5th and Lewis, early Monday morning, just after the woman's husband left for work.

She heard a noise and found a man she didn't know, in her house. He'd broken into her back door and had pantyhose over his face and held a box knife. Tulsa Police say he forced her to the back of the house and demanded to know who else was inside.

She told him her 12-year-old daughter was there and after that, she complied with everything he demanded and kept quiet, in order to protect her child. After the sexual assault, the man stole the woman's purse and some jewelry, then left.

Sgt Gary Stansill, "It just seems too coincidental that he would come in right after her husband left so he's probably been casing the area, so maybe he lives in the area or works in the area.”

Police say stranger rapes are rare so they are especially concerned since they've had two similar cases in a week that don't seem to be connected. The picture above, is of a man who recently got into a woman's home and was going to sexually assault her until she managed to get into a bedroom, lock the door and call police.

The picture is a white guy, but the suspect in Monday's case is black. Sgt Stansill: "Of course, our main concern is either one of them will strike again and turn into a serial rapist situation, so we're basically in a race against time."

The police won't have a sketch of the suspect in this most recent case since the woman couldn't make out the man's face because of his disguise.

Detectives recommend people report anyone prowling around their neighborhood and keep their doors and windows secured.