Glenpool Police investigate baby's death

Friday, August 29th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A Glenpool mother could face criminal charges in the death of her infant son, after Glenpool Police say she left the baby in a hot car for eight hours.

News on 6 reporter Heather Johnson has been following this story. A lot of folks wonder how something this tragic can happen. Friday, I asked a psychologist that very question.

Deidre Tucker told police she was running late and changed up her routine, causing her to skip the stop at the babysitters. Accidentally leaving baby Braden in the back of her Chevy Suburban, in the Glenpool High parking lot. Police estimate the temperature rose to near 140 degrees.

The mother of three did not realize the infant was in the car until she went to the sitter's at 4 o'clock and found out she'd never dropped the baby off. Professional counselor Kurt VanMatre, says factors like stress or sleep deprivation that an infant's mother goes through, can lead to unusual actions. "It's hard to imagine that you can forget something that's real important but again, if you combine all the stressors that are going on in life. All of us can remember times when we have forgotten something then later thought, how could I have forgotten? I can't imagine how I could’ve forgotten that, the unfortunate thing about this situation is that the consequences are so large and so devastating."

Glenpool Police say Tucker was distraught when they were called to the scene. She was treated for shock at a local hospital.