Riding the bus on Ozone Alert days

Wednesday, July 30th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Wednesday was an Ozone Alert day. Did you take advantage of the free bus ride on Wednesday’s Ozone Alert day?

Tulsa Transit statistics show some people do, but most people do not. News on 6 consumer reporter Rick Wells road the bus to work Wednesday with some folks who ride it everyday to find out why they do it.

Bus rider Kay Sanders, "Good morning." She doesn't look like she's headed for something really unpleasant, which is what many people suspect a bus ride to work would be like. And the rides are free. But these folks ride the Tulsa Transit Broken Arrow Express everyday, Ozone Alert or not. “I've been riding for two years. I don't have the stress of driving the Broken Arrow Expressway." She can read, talk to other riders, or just stare out the window and wait 'til you hear this part. "I figure about $200 a month savings."

No parking fees downtown, reduction in car insurance because she doesn't drive to and from work and she doesn't buy as much gas. Wow, 200 bucks.

Saving money was one of the reasons a co-worker News on 6 news producer Bret Gunther began riding the bus to work, and he saves. "I think I'm saving probably 30 bucks a month on gas." Not to mention wear and tear on his truck, for him it's a good deal. “I'm a changed man. It's night and day for me." He likes the peace and quiet of the bus ride, he can work if he wants to, and others read the paper.

Some snooze. Some folks sleep really hard. You can do that if you're not driving. "It's a no lose situation for me." But it's not perfect; he gets the last bus into town and the last bus home, which means he has to hurry. "If not I miss my bus, and there have been days when I've had to run to catch it."

All in all it's a positive experience. So drive, don't drive, walk, don't walk. Folks on the BA Expressway would recommend the bus.