Tulsa car theft victim almost lost more than her vehicle

Monday, July 28th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Police say there are ten reported auto thefts a day in Tulsa. Some of those vehicles have been used in recent robberies. News on 6 reporter Patrina Adger spoke to a victim who almost lost more than just her car.

"Went back out there about ten 'til four and it wasn't there." Ida Todd left her job at the Sew and Sew shop on Cherry Street Wednesday morning to run errands.

When she came back she parked in the same lot behind the shop like she always does. It was hot that day, so she rolled down the windows. "About an inch and a half, apparently they were able to get their arms in there and unlock it because they didn't break the window."

But it was that window of opportunity that allowed someone to break in and steal her car. She later learned it was used as the getaway car in the Bank of Oklahoma robbery on 21st and Lewis. The car was found later in midtown Tulsa.

Todd says her car being stolen was bad enough but what made matters worse is that she had something in her trunk more precious to her than anything in the world, her husband. “He's kinda like my guardian angel." When her husband, AT, died in 1984, she had him cremated and his ashes were put in an urn. And every car she's ever driven, her hubby's been behind her. "When we were married the last few years he didn't want to go with me when I went anywhere except to my mothers. So, he goes with me every place I go."

And from now on, no matter how hot it is, she says she'll keep the windows up to keep the bad guys out.

Tulsa Police say 15% of vehicles reported stolen are cars taken with the keys inside. Their advice, don't leave your key in the ignition.

Don't leave your vehicle running, even if you’re going inside the grocery store or gas station for a brief moment. Use your car alarm if you have one and lock your car and roll up the windows.

Doing these things will make it harder for the thieves to get your vehicle.