Reaction to the US showing pics of Saddam Hussein's sons

Thursday, July 24th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The release and broadcast of the Hussein brother’s pictures is sparking debate here in Tulsa.

Despite the graphic warnings, televisions like those at Kelly's restaurant in south Tulsa were tuned in.

While some agree the release of the pictures is a positive move by the military, others have reservations. “I think it's good, because the Iraqi people will see this and I think it'll help our military and our soldiers and I think we won't get quite as many of our people killed over there."

"I have no interest I have not seen the pictures and will do my best to avoid seeing them, it's not necessary, maybe the Iraqi people need to see them, I understand closure, but I don't need closure."

Local political experts say by confirming the deaths of Odai and Qusai Hussein, President Bush should see a boost in his approval rating.