Broken Arrow family waiting on their Marine son to return home

Thursday, April 17th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The heavy fighting in Iraq may be over and there are indications some units may be headed home. A Broken Arrow family is ready for their Marine to get home and they have something special planned for him.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells was invited to a rehearsal for a musical version of home front support. Two-year-old Aden is helping dad do a little storm clean up. Aden really likes to ride a toy tractor. There are yellow ribbons everywhere, on trees and the mailbox. Some they put there, some contributed by the neighbors.

Aden's older brother, Bo, is a sniper with the US Marines in Iraq. Bo DelloIocona graduated from Broken Arrow High in '99 got football scholarship to Southwest Missouri Baptist, but wanted something more. Thomas DelloIocona, Bo’s father, "He didn't want to finish college up there. It was just not for him." The hints were all around maybe they just didn't recognize them. Karen Dellolocona, Bo’s mom, "We always used to call him GI-Bo." Thomas: "One day we got a call, Mom, Dad I've joined the Marines."

Monday night they got a call from him. Said his unit might be moving south back toward Kuwait and perhaps home ahead of schedule. There's a big DelloIocona fan club waiting to see him, his 7year old sister Dominica. And brother Alex who's 11 and a half.

Alex has been working up a song on piano, a special tune for his big brother Bo I think you'll recognize it, Semper Fi. Alex plays the Marine Hymn.

Alex has a piano recital next week. Big brother Bo won't be back by then, but Alex can play the Marine Hymn for him plenty when he does get home.